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Zen Mystic Messenger – The Typical Playboy

Zen Mystic Messenger or Mystic Messenger Zen

zen mystic messenger

If you are looking for an ultimate heartthrob, here is your guy zen. Zen Mystic Messenger or Mystic Messenger Zen is one of the main characters available in the Casual Story mode of Mystic Messenger. He is a not-so-successful actor, singer, and dancer. He is to some extent a guy with narcissistic nature who is always bragging about his good looks and posting selfies. At the same time, he wishes to be appreciated and recognized for his work, not for his looks.

Zen’s Nature

Zen from mystic messenger is usually known as Zen but his real name is Hyun Ryu. He seems like a flirtatious character that often talks and brags about his good looks, praising himself for how handsome and talented he is.

Zen Mystic Messenger often found comparing himself with others when it is about looks. He often tells Yoosung that he should work on his looks. Despite these characteristics, Zen is very loyal and caring. In almost every route he cares for MC a lot and often flirts with MC. He calls MC babe of sweetie.

On the other hand, Zen is not so confident and often wonders if people love him for his looks or talent. Anyone can so easily upset him. He has his own demons to fight with, his own harsh memories from the past which he can’t forget.

Zen’s Appearance

Zen mystic messenger is a tall young man who trains regularly to look athletic. He has silver long hair, short bang falling over his eyes, and a low ponytail reaching to his back. He has almond-shaped pinkish eyes. You will find him wearing various outfits, looking all dapper.

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Trick to win zen mystic messenger heart

he is an easy-going and wants to like outside from his shackles, so that is why he is an easy Trap for the date searching girls. That’s why he is also an interesting character. His hearts can win through the following.

Dos of zen Mystic Messenger

1. Unlike Jumin, Zen would love you to care for him and occasionally flirt with him.

2. Never forget to compliment him

3. Respect Zen’s independence and his passion for his work

4. Encourage him to be optimistic about himself and other things.

5. Be open about your thoughts about everything, even your opinion about other members.

Don’ts of zen Mystic Messenger

1. Don’t belittle him

2. Please don’t give him instructions unless it helps him to be positive and optimistic about life

3. Be nice to Jaehee

4. Don’t agree with Jumin

5. Be welcoming when he wants to have a conversation


If you’re more attracted to the romantic ones, you will have a heavenly encounter with Zen Mystic Messenger. Here we will warn you that you may find him self-admiring because he always posts selfies and exclaims about how handsome he is.

Let us know about your opinion of the Zen mystic messenger in the comments below.