Yoosung Mystic Messenger: University Student

He is a sweet, caring and very lovable in nature. He is a University student who loves everybody around him and fond of spending time with others. He is innocent and often believes things that are told to him.

Yoosung Mystic Messenger or Mystic Messenger Yoosung

Yoosung Mystic Messenger

Some people oppositely think of him, and some people believe him in another direction. Still, a proper understanding of this cute young boy can grasp through the better reading of this guideline about this character.

He is one of those characters who will be encountered by the players in the casual mode of the story. He has an amiable disposition with him; that is why he is called the puppy character of this Mystic messenger game and is also considered the youngest character from the characteristics of Mystic messenger.

He is the cousin of Rika; that is why he often thinks about Rika, and even after the death of Rika. The character of Rika does not go away from the mind of this character. He is also that type of character who is a playboy in the hand of Zen.

Yoosung Mystic Messenger Nature

he is a child-like character who is often liked by the players of the game because of his amiable disposition. He looks as if any aspect never hears him of human nature, and that is why he is like much.

Like other members of his age group he is that type of character who is much interested in the game called LOLOL and is often found neglecting all other activities except his game and he is deeply involved here.

He is a young boy off beautiful violet color eyes and is a boy who is fun of wearing a sweater, and this weather is that type of jersey which is found by the youth of any society. He has Blondie hair, but he does not like to have that type of Blondie hair on his head all the time as he gives black color to his Blondie hair often.

Based on all the information we’ve got for you, what do you think of Yoosung? Is he something that you would consider over Zen or Jumin (the businessman)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

How to win Yousung Mystic Messenger Heart

he wants to be in the company of that person who wants to make him a great companion and a successful person of this society and he is also part of only those characters who gives him the courage to enjoy more game.

Dos Yousung Mystic Messenger

1. Encourage maturity

2. Be loyal to RFA

3. Defend Yoosung against other member’s teasing

4. Help him in changing his habits subtly

5. Help him calm down in difficult circumstances

6. Be selfless for the RFA and its members

7. Push up his ego by complimenting his good looks

Don’ts Yousung Mystic Messenger

1. Don’t be clingy

2. Don’t treat him like a kid as opposed to how he acts

3. Please don’t get annoyed by his continuous comparison of you and Rika.

4. Don’t discourage him in playing as much as possible LOLOL

Final remarks about yoosung mystic messenger

Yoosung is an adorable and lovable person. He is described by the other RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association) members as ‘a real pup.’ He very much cares about people and loves to spend time with others. He is naive and believes things that are told to him more often than not, and he can very easily manipulate.


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