V Mystic Messenger: Special And Hidden Person

Kin jihyun V is a typical guy of complicated nature, and because of his complications, he is deeply respected and honored by the teenage girls who want to have regular dates with him. He is as fresh as a cucumber & because of his calm nature he is sure to be loved by the girls of his age.

V Mystic Messenger OR Mystic Messenger V

v mystic messenger

He is a man of erotic nature, and some notable personality features have also increased his sexiest outlooks. He is a man who can keep any Secrets of teenage girls, so certainly is also a matter of his typical marks for his inclusion in the list of Mystic messenger.


He has rarity very much in his appearance on the scene of Mystic messenger app, and because of his rarity, he is a mysterious character of the game. He remains absent from the scene when the player plays the ordinary role of the game but has found in the deep status of the game, where he plays an essential part with the character of 707.


He is currently the head of RFA, and after the departure of Rica, he controls all the matters of RFA. Moreover, he was the finance of Rika, and after the passage of Rika, he has found in a deep sorrow where his mysterious nature gets a promotion. He is found a typical mysterious character in the game because of the departure of Rika.

V knew that Rika is a typical girl who belongs to the religious cult of society. Because of her religious worship of the community, he found at arm’s length from the people of RFA, and his RFA departure makes him a typical character in the game. He found a unique personality who can be a call for participation in the party after much struggle and continuous mails, and the players are supposed to give the right answers to the questions of V according to his personality.


V Mystic Messenger Nature

V is a unique personality who is also at home in the field of photography, and he is also a great photographer of his time. And his personality remains hidden from other characters of the game. His personality also remains protected from the players of the match. The unfolding of his nature takes much courage and continuous effort. These ongoing efforts certainly will bring him to the party being host by the players of the game.

Despite his distance characteristics in his personality, he found a unique character of pure nature. And his loyalty has also been proved on the point of his objections and problems with Rika. After all the matters and issues with Rekha, he did not think about break up.

As for as his appearances are concerned, he is a character of Blue eyes and hair, and he is also a modern type shaved personality. He wears those types of boots and pants and shirts which are suitable for the contemporary guys of contemporary society of the post-modern era.

Dos of V Mystic Messenger

1. Respect his privacy and any matters between Rika and him

2. Keep things the way they are

3. Trust him as well as encourage him to be better

4. Help him not to be self- loathing

Don’ts of V Mystic Messenger

1. Don’t belittle things that he values the most like the RFA and the messenger

2. Don’t show aggression and don’t be hostile in your behavior

3. Do not push things too hard whether its emotions or ideals

4. Don’t flirt with others, be loyal to him


He respects one’s privacy. He is also the type who keeps everything to himself. You can call him secretive and mysterious to some extent. He has gone through a lot that made him wiser and saner. He has a pure heart.

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