V Mystic Messenger – The Enigmatic

V Mystic Messenger OR Mystic Messenger V

Kim Jihyun also known as V is the most private and secretive guy in the Mystic Messenger family. He may seem a little complicated at times but he has this attractive and cool personality that girls will surely fall for. Mysterious guys are often considered sexiest in a group. It’s the curiosity of knowing things you don’t know that makes one feel attractive toward such boys.

v mystic messenger

His real name is Jihyun Kim. He has mysterious nature because of his rare appearance in Casual Story mode where you can romance Hyun Ryu also known as ZEN. He is as well available in Deep Story mode with 707 or Seven. He is the head of RFA but often absent due to his professional commitments as well as his blindness. Rika is V’s fiancé but their relation ended up in distress. Rika went after a dark vision of changing the world that was opposed by V. The opposition by V enraged Rika and she tried to hurt V in any manner possible that almost blinded him.

V had the knowledge of Rika being part of a religious cult organization called Mint Eye. Rika was so angry with V that she threatened to kill every RFA member if V acts against Rika. This also shows why V always kept a distance from other RFA members.

In case you are fond of V and you wish him to acknowledge your love, arrange a party and try to impress him. You may have a great ending with V Mystic Messenger.

V Mystic Messenger Nature

V respects everyone’s privacy. He is Rika’s fiancé yet he did not know Rika’s password though the apartment was in his name. He tends to keep everything to himself and would live with the burden of secrets but prefer not to reveal it to others. He is famous within his work industry but he is not well known amongst the public because he doesn’t like people to talk about him.

Jumin calls him fainthearted because he is the only one who talks against hosting the party. It is safe to say that V is very sensitive when it comes to people’s opinions hence he is against hosting parties.


Although V is a distant guy yet he is extremely loyal and he values one’s life. When Rika started having the ideas of his Cult Organization i.e. Mint Eye, V without a second thought offered his life in place of others’.

If we talk about V’s looks, he has these lovely blue eyes and hair. A modern haircut makes him look like a badass. He dresses modern, he looks modern. His usual outfit includes high cut boots, slacks, turtle neck, and a silver coat. This is what you call a Handsome Guy.

Dos of  V Mystic Messenger

1. Respect his privacy and any matters between Rika and him

2. Keep things the way they are

3. Trust him as well as encourage him to be better

4. Help him not to be self- loathing

Don’ts of V Mystic Messenger

1. Don’t belittle things that he values the most like the RFA and the messenger

2. Don’t show aggression and don’t be hostile in your behavior

3. Do not push things too hard whether its emotions or ideals

4. Don’t flirt with others, be loyal to him


He respects one’s privacy and wants his privacy to be respected. He is the sort of guy who keeps everything to himself. You can call him secretive and mysterious to some extent. He has gone through a lot that made him wiser and saner. He has a pure heart.

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