RIKA Mystic Messenger

Rika Mystic Messenger

Rika is as well a secondary character in mystic messenger, who founded Rika’s Fundraising Association also called and known as RFA. She is V’s girlfriend/fiancé.Rika Mystic Messenger

Rika is a fair, beautiful, and graceful young lady with long wavy light hair. She’s got beautiful shining lime-green eyes and is found wearing a beautiful and mesmerizing smile more often than not.

You will see her wearing a knee-length brown color dress with a cream color bow on her left side just below her color bone. While hosting RFA events she is seen wearing a formal suit with a high placed pony-tail. In another story, she is wearing a beautiful open chest black dress along-with a black masquerade mask.

Rika’s Nature

Rika is an intelligent, caring, loving, kind-hearted, head-strong, charming & fascinating as described by every member of Rika’s Fundraising Association. She is known for her caring nature for others, she wishes nothing but happiness for others and this is the sole motive behind the creation of RFA. Due to her charming personality, she can invite as many people to her parties.

Other than being charming, caring, and loving she has another side of her mostly unknown to all and that is her depression, paranoia, and struggle with anxiety and that’s the reason she does things she will never do if she had a clear mind. She tries to hide all this from everybody else except V because he is the one she trusts the most.

Over time, her mental condition goes from bad to worst especially after the death of her beloved dog that she blames herself for. She slides into this delusional condition where she thinks she is the savior who has to rescue everybody else from the sins, sorrows, and pain of this world. She becomes more harmful even for the ones she loves the most.


Her real name is Mina and Rika only is a pseudonym. She is the founder of Rika’s Fundraising Association and she started charity events for the RFA. Most of the RFA members have a great view of Rika and her work. She was adopted by Yoosung’s aunt and uncle after they couldn’t have their own child. However, it seems that their family life was everything but a happy one. Her aunt even once told her that she regrets her decision of adopting her and bringing her into their family.

Her relationship with V starts when she visited V’s gallery and V found her staring at one of his pictures. She started visiting the gallery more often and when V asks her about the picture she says she loves to stare at that particular picture of him. V found her interesting and started talking to her more regularly and offered her the same picture for free. That was the beginning of their relation.

At a point, the player finds about her depression and paranoia that worsens over time. V sends her to a therapist so she can cope with her depression and anxiety. Eventually, she reaches a point where she is compelled that she is the only one to save everybody from pain and misery. At the same point, she tells V about the concept and formation of Mint Eye that V does not like. This initiated a fight between the two. Eventually, the Mint Eye is created and Rika leaves the RFA. Later V states that Rika committed suicide to save the RFA and everybody else.

Final Word

If you are somehow into a fine, beautiful young girl RIKA is the one. You may fall for her magical and mesmerizing smile. Let us know your thoughts on RIKA by leaving a comment down here.

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