Mystic Messenger Ray

Mystic Messenger Ray

Ray Mystic Messenger aka ‘Unknown’ is the main antagonist of the Mystic Messenger game. His real name is Saeran Choi and he is the twin brother of 707.

He is also a member of Mint Eye a secret cult organization. Before the revelation of his identity, his name is shown as three question marks (???). In another story mode, his name is Ray.Mystic Messenger Ray

Mystic Messenger Ray has pink-tipped white hair and mint color eyes. In Casual & Deep Story he wears a black leather jacket over his red tank top. He has a black choker around his neck all the time. His black spiked bracelet can never go unnoticed. On his right shoulder, he has a Mint eye symbol tattooed. In a few events, the player can see him wearing a black mask that covers half of his lower face.

Ray’s Nature

Ray Mystic messenger considers himself an angel of God who will lead all the members of RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association) to salvation and deliverance from sins by hook or by crook.

Ray has a strong pique towards his brother 707 and V and he often calls them traitors. He hates 707 more than anybody because of leaving him alone and seeks revenge. He is so obsessed with taking revenge on 707 that he is willing to harm anyone who comes his way.

The mint eye tattoo on his shoulder shows his fierce loyalty and allegiance toward the mint eye. But it is revealed that his allegiance with the mint eye is due to the reason that he was brainwashed and drugged to believe that he was left alone by his brother when he was younger. In another route, ray gets extremely obsessed with the player and wants to keep her on his side no matter what.


Saeran / Ray mystic messenger and Saeyoung are the illegitimate children of a wealthy politician. Their mother exploited their identities by pushing and forcing their father to pay hush money. They were abused by their mother since their early childhood. Since Saeran was the weaker of the two so he had to suffer more and he became ill more than his twin brother Saeyoung.

Saeran started to learn hacking from a textbook to free himself and his brother from the vicious cruelty of their mother. But by the time he became a good hacker Saeyoung left because he was offered a great job by V. V also made Saeyoung promise not to tell Saeran of his whereabouts.

Due to the absence of Saeyoung, Saeran became more vulnerable to his mother’s abuse and that made him hostile towards everybody but especially towards Saeyoung for leaving him alone.

Final Word

Mystic messenger Ray is a handsome young man full of hate and vengeance in his blood. He will cause a bad ending for you yet if you want to experience how romancing such a guy would feel go ahead and take the mystic messenger ray route. Leave us your review of Saeran below in the comments.

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