Mystic Messenger jaehee kang

Mystic Messenger jaehee kang

Jaehee Kang is the only female character with a route from Casual Story mode. She is the chief Secretary at C&R International and works in the capacity of Assistant to Jumin Han.Mystic Messenger jaehee kang

Jaehee has a normal or average height. Her eyes are of golden brown color and her hair brown and short. She carries non-prescriptive glasses gifted by Jumin that looks very attractive on her. She puts on the business dress as she has a major role to play in C&R International’s affairs. Her dress consists of a white shirt, dark brown or black jacket, and skirt with tights sometimes.

Jaehee’s Nature

Jaehee is a serious and independent business lady and at the same time, she is loving and very caring. She has a unique sense of humor that makes everybody laugh as well. She loves to have everything in an arranged manner. She does not like cats because it’s hard for her to handle the mess they create. It frustrates her to be overburdened yet she acts responsible and comes out victorious no matter what challenges are thrown at her by her boss or anybody else.


Her mother married a man older than her age going against her family. The man i.e Jaehee’s father died and left both of them on their own. When Jaehee was in 9th class her mother had a severe accident and later died due to the same. Jaehee was left alone but her uncle took care of her and raised her as his child. She graduates from school and got a scholarship from a top university. After university education, she swiftly entered the workforce and hired by Jumin Han as a personal secretary, and later she joins RFA at the suggestions of Jumin.

Final Word

If you are into a professional, serious and responsible yet little humorous Jaehee is the girl. She is lovely and beautiful in her own way. Leave your view of Jaehee in the comment section below.

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