Mystic Messenger Cosplay MC

Mystic Messenger MC Cosplay

MC (stands for main character also referred as protagonist or Heroine) is the main female character of Mystic Messenger. Once accidentally involved with the Rika’s Fundraising Association, she takes on the responsibilities of former founder RIKA to arrange a party and invite guests.Mystic Messenger MC Cosplay

During the game play MC will be able to romance with one of the 7 main characters in different story modes throughout the 11 days of planning and communication with the characters. The ending depends upon how the MC treats each member and her behavior during the route she is on.

MC’s Appearance

There are five different avatars available you can choose from in Mystic Messenger but the standard appearance of Main Character (MC) is a slender woman with fair complexion, brown hair with long bangs as depicted in several visuals of the game. Her eyes are not usually visible but in the game avatar her eyes are shown to be amber.

Other avatars include:

  1. One woman with pale skin, blue eyes and a blonde bob hair cut.
  2. A woman with green eyes, long curly red hair.
  3. A woman with brown skin, golden eyes, short black hair with bangs.

There is a periodic version of the main character as blue unicorn and pink hair. The player is as well given the choice to select from their files and make their own icon. It is said that MC’s eyes are not shown in visuals so the player can imagine themselves being the Main character. Some of the conversation shows that MC is a grown woman.

MC’s Nature

The Main Character’s personality can differ a little from route to route. She is kind and compassionate towards the members of RFA. Some options (if chosen) can present MC as selfish girl leading to a bad ending. She is somewhat gullible and excessively believing and trusting as at the beginning of every route she choose to trust Unknown/Ray’s word despite the shady situation.


The MC’s background is whatever player chooses it to be. The game usually assumes the MC is an office worker, a student or someone who stays at home and doesn’t work. Main character is a stranger to all the other characters at the beginning of the game. She downloads a mysterious app and is led to Rika’s apartment by Unknown/Ray. Upon entering the apartment she is automatically connected to the RFA’s official chat-room on her mobile phone.  From there onward she develops her relations with all of the other characters of the game.

Relationships with Other Characters

Main Character’s relation with the Casual, Deep and Another Story characters’ differ depending on what route you select. Here is a review of MC’s relation with other characters for our readers.

Unknown/Ray (Ray Mystic Messenger)

Unknown consider her just a bait to make her enter Rika’s apartment. He wants her to join Mint Eye but is not hesitant to kill her if she refused. In V’s route Unknown as Ray tends t be more soft and gentle towards MC.

707 Mystic Messenger (Mystic Messenger 707)

707 is the first one in Rika’s Fundraising Association to see her face. After MC starts living at Rika’s apartment, 707 is the one who always keep an eye and guard her by monitoring the CCTV Camera’s placed in the hallways and around the building. Initially they both love to share their jokes to the extent that they started flirting with each other. There are some options though where you can be mean to 707 if you want to be.

After they develop romantic feelings for each other, he even refuses to admit about how he feels for MC because of his dark part and his job. But eventually he opens up to her, allowing himself to be a little selfish by wanting MC and at some point he claimed not being afraid to die for her.

Jumin Han

Jumin behaves respectfully and friendly towards the player. He offers MC to send bodyguards when she is threatened or in trouble. They share a humor of special sort which other characters do not understand and Jumin is very happy about it. They understand each other very well. Jumin seems very obsessive over MC that he even jokes around about her. On the other hand Jumin wants MC to become selfish and put herself first before him and everybody else. We notice at the end how much Jumin cares for her even when he is surrounded by paparazzi and reporters.

ZEN (Mystic Messenger Zen)

Zen continuously flirts with MC, and it is very much visible that he generally cares for MC to the extent of putting himself in harm’s way. He is of the view that MC is the one who understands him better and recognizes his talent rather than his looks though MC is not afraid to flatter his looks.    

From day 5 to 7 on Zen’s route he acts like a masochist. He treasures MC so much that he does not want his inner beast to come out until he can be responsible for her. Due to his romantic nature he does not hesitate to say whatever he feels about MC. At some points he does not allow MC to express her feelings about Zen though.

Yoosung (Mystic Messenger Yoosung)

Yoosung could not recover and move on from the demise of Rika and at first he sees MC as Rikas’s replacement but later he realized that MC is very different from Rika. He soon falls for MC for what she is and starts to rely on her.

Jaehee Kang

Jaehee Kang is he only female member of the group and the only female character with a route. Jaehee craves for a female friend. Initially she does not trust MC for her sudden appearance and kept warning her about having romantic feelings for Zen, later they often fangirl together about Zen when they become closer. Jaehee finds courage and motivation in MC’s support. She says that MC is the one she treasures s much as a great friend. At the end they become partners and open a coffee shop.

V (Mystic Messenger V)

V is absent most of the time from RFA chat room so he and MC do not really have lot of moments together but he really cares for her like whole RFA as stated by 707. V has a sense of respect for MC and wishes to be closer to her. At 10th day of Zen’s route he believes that MC is the chosen one so he asks her to take very good care of all RFA members. MC can chose to share the mutual respect and love for V or she can be suspicious of him, it depends on her choices around V.

Rika (Rika Mystic Messenger)

Main Character is shown as someone chosen by Rika to take care of her job. Yoosung initially compared MC with Rika. She does not mind the fact that MC is used as bait to enter her apartment. Rika shows absolutely no feelings and emotions towards the MC in Secret Endings. She does not looks jealous or hateful toward MC. In Another Story mode Rika tends to have strong feelings for MC.

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