Elizabeth 3rd

Elizabeth 3rd Mystic Messenger  

Elizabeth is a secondary character in mystic messenger, a white fluffy Persian cat. V & Rika named her and gave her to Jumin Han. Jumin seems to spoil her a lot. When he goes out somewhere for work he will most probably leave her with his assistant i.e. Jaehee Kang.Elizabeth 3rd

She is a carefree and happy cat but if you go through Jumin’s Route it seems like she wants more attention and freedom and this is the reason she runs away more often. Therefore Jumin locked her up in the cage which she doesn’t seem to understand at all. Still, Elizabeth loves her owner.

Appearance & History of Elizabeth

Elizabeth the 3rd has long white fluffy fur with beautiful blue eyes. She also has pink ears and a very cute soft nose. Elizabeth was given by V and Rika to Jumin Han. Once Jumin and Rika had a conversation about how Jumin should be more people-friendly and social so that he doesn’t feel lonely which Jumin refused. Rika came up with an idea to gift him a beautiful cat for him to feel less blue and lonely.

Elizabeth’s Relation with Other Characters

Below is the detail about how other characters feel about Elizabeth the 3rd.

Jaehee Kang

Jaehee is Jumin Han’s assistant and whenever Jumin goes out somewhere for work, he leaves Elizabeth the 3rd with Jaehee. Jaehee hates this because of Elizabeth’s hair getting everywhere.

Jumin Han

Jumin Han is the owner of Elizabeth who holds her dear and loves her immensely. She seems to love him back as well. If someone asks Jumin if he has a girlfriend he’d reply, “My Beauty has beautiful soft white fur, dark blue eyes, and sharp beautiful ears. Her name is Elizabeth the 3rd. I have never seen any woman or cat this beautiful”.


He does not interact much yet it is seen that he deeply cares about Elizabeth. He nicknamed her Elly and always wants to play with her. But he always ends up torturing and teasing her and that’s the reason Jumin always refuses to let 707 near Elizabeth the 3rd.


V or V Mystic Messenger is her former or original owner. He is the one who gave her the name “Elizabeth the 3rd”. In Jumin’s route, Jumin wants to give Elizabeth back to V and thought he was not a good owner. But V brought her back and somehow convinced him to keep Elizabeth with him.


Rika and V together gave Elizabeth to Jumin. She was concerned and worried about Jumin and wanted him to be less lonely and blue. She was the person who chose Elizabeth for Jumin.


Elizabeth the 3rd & Zen never interact with each other and Zen does not want to interact either. He is very allergic to cats to the extent that only talking about cats makes him sneeze and watching a picture freaks him out. He states that he does not hate cats and just like Jumin he also thinks that 707’s way of caring and loving cats is like harassing them.


Elizabeth the 3rd went missing once and Yoosung takes care of Elizabeth when he finds her at where the Mint Eye is headquartered. Yoosung does not like to babysit her but it looks like he is fond of cats.


Elizabeth the 3rd is seen to dislike Lisa and she is sort of jealous of the fact that Jumin was giving her attention.    

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