707 Mystic Messenger – The most intelligent Hacker

Mystic Messenger 707


707 Mystic Messenger 

Meet Saeyoung Choi, the absolutely genius hacker of the team, also known as “707” in Mystic Messenger. Do you want to know why he was named 707 Mystic Messenger? Let’s discuss some of his secrets.

It is a great secret that mystic messenger 707 is a character who’s this figure has awarded to him due to several reasons, which have unfolded in a specific part of the guide about this hacker character.707 mystic messenger

As for the importance of all the characters is concerned. This character of 707 mystic messenger is an essential character of this game. He involves the various crucial characteristics with his style, and his stage of calling to the party is also permanent. Status of this game, so his importance is much determined in the game played by the players.

His real name is Saeyoung Choi, known as 707 Mystic messenger, who is an outclass intelligent hacker and an agent of Mint Eye. Full grip on this character, it is vital to understand the guidelines and principles of unlocking 707 mystic messenger characters as this character involves an essential stage of the game.

707 Mystic Messenger Introduction

Mystic Messenger 707 is a character who is available at the deep mood of the game. This deep mode determines the end of the game, which shows that better handling will determine the better ending of the game. So it is recommended that the player should involve himself with this character at the final stage of his game. The list of his involvement with the role has also given below.

ZenYoosung, Jaehee, JuminV and then 707 mystic messenger.

This character is a character of much Intelligence and sharp skills. So the corrector involvement with him and the invitation to the party will also involve much sharpness of the player because the daily routine of this character remains very busy. And his energetic method demands typical responses from the players of the game because he is also a character of high intelligence who detects various characteristics of the players, so to bring him to the party, it recommended to keep nerves very sharp. He also knows that making fun of some other characters, and other characters also remain patient to the criticism of 707, but he is also some times laughed at by other characters.

Red heart earning is the symbol of success from this character 707 mystic messenger and still is not the surety of his attendance at the party.

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Tips to win hearts from 707 mystic messenger

Dos of 707 Mystic Messenger

  1. Flirt with him and be open regarding what you feel for him.
  2. Play along with his shenanigan.
  3. Encourage him to learn about how to balance work and life.
  4. Show appreciation for his hacking abilities.
  5. Show a keen interest in his life and emotional state.
  6. Please keep all your attention on him after Day 9 & forget about the party.
  7. Keep your conversations lighthearted with him during the first four days.
  8. Show him that you are concerned about his well-being without being critical of his lifestyle.

Don’ts of 707 Mystic Messenger

1. Don’t act extra possessive like he belongs to you and allow him to be distant

2. Please don’t blame him for security breaches

3. Don’t be too comical and playful after Day 5

4. Don’t flirt with Jumin, so you don’t end up being on the wrong route

5. Please don’t pay attention to Saeran when he tries to convince you to doubt 707

6. Don’t try to seek for his attention when he is working

Final Decision on 707 Mystic Messenger

Everything that’s explained above will still depend on your choices. You’ve got other routes as an option. Mostly he is a happy-go-lucky, outgoing, and bizarre personality at the same time. He plays pranks, makes fun of others, and doesn’t talk much, so don’t freak out if you had an unfortunate encounter with Mystic Messenger 707.

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