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707 Mystic Messenger – The most intelligent Hacker

707 Mystic Messenger Or Mystic Messenger 707  

Saeyoung Choi is known as Mystic Messenger 707 or 707 Mystic Messenger but often he is called SEVEN in the Mystic Messenger family. He is one of the main characters available to romance in Deep Story mode.

In this Mystic Messenger 707 walkthrough, we will try to understand about this Genius hacker who can find information almost about anything he can get his hands on. If you are a secretive person you are advised to stay away from SEVEN.

Seven’s Nature

707 mystic messenger

At first impression 707 is a happy go lucky guy, who loves making jokes on everybody around him. He pranks Yoosung in the chat room, makes fun of others, and also himself. He mostly responds in a series of lol which is his favorite game i.e. lol game. 707 love cars, he owns multiple and he has a passion for hacking, on the other hand outside the chat room you will get to know another SEVEN who is sad, lonely, and depressed. He believes that nothing good can happen to him. He thinks so because of his shady past and his profession, he pushes the player away at the beginning of his route.

When the player (YOU) convinces him of accepting him for who he is, he starts getting closer and displays his love for you. At later events, you will find him a bit religious as well.

Seven’s Appearance

Mystic Messenger 707 has shoddy reddish-orange hair, usually wearing his black jacket. You will find him wearing his glasses in a yellow-colored frame, keeps his orange headphones around his neck all the time. Seven does not change his appearance and outfit often. He attends a party wearing a white vest with red accents, a black dress shirt, and a red tie. He often cross-dresses and you will see him dressed as Rika, a maid, a fairy, and a nun.

Background of Seven

Seven and his younger brother Saeran grew up in a toxic household until the age of 15. His father is the present prime minister and a presidential candidate. Due to political reasons, his father bribed his mother to hide them because they were the illegitimate children from women out of marriage. His mother often abused Saeran because he is the weaker of the two and often gets sick.

Seven thought to change their future and started studying about hacking using a book he found. He promised his brother that they would run away together. He had to leave Saeran behind due to his job as a hacker.

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Tips to win hearts from 707 mystic messenger

Dos of 707 Mystic Messenger

  1. Flirt with him and be open regarding what you feel for him.
  2. Play along with his shenanigan.
  3. Encourage him to learn about how to balance work and life.
  4. Show appreciation for his hacking abilities.
  5. Show a keen interest in his life and emotional state.
  6. Please keep all your attention on him after Day 9 & forget about the party.
  7. Keep your conversations lighthearted with him during the first four days.
  8. Show him that you are concerned about his well-being without being critical of his lifestyle.

Don’ts of 707 Mystic Messenger

1. Don’t act extra possessive like he belongs to you and allow him to be distant

2. Please don’t blame him for security breaches

3. Don’t be too comical and playful after Day 5

4. Don’t flirt with Jumin, so you don’t end up being on the wrong route

5. Please don’t pay attention to Saeran when he tries to convince you to doubt 707

6. Don’t try to seek for his attention when he is working

Final Decision on 707 Mystic Messenger

Everything that’s explained above will still depend on your choices. You’ve got other routes as an option. Mostly he is a happy-go-lucky, outgoing, and bizarre personality at the same time. He plays pranks, makes fun of others, and doesn’t talk much, so don’t freak out if you had an unfortunate encounter with Mystic Messenger 707.


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