Mystic Messenger – Comprehensive Guide 2020

Out of bound entertainment lies in the unhackneyed dating cloned app called Mystic Messenger, and here lies the overall information linked to the proper understanding of this marvelous and novel app. Here, the conversations, the situation, and the background of real-life dating experiences with multidimensional characters can meet with high lively emotions and feelings.

Mystic Messenger

Innumerable not yet touched experiences and select animated type of excited characters are enough to make anyone crazy through this typical video game. To make this game easy, understandable, and comprehensive. The details have given below.

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What Is Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger is a Korean maidens’ madding app created to enjoy the dating experiences, feelings and emotions especially designed for the female section of the society. In other words this game transforms a lady’s fantasies and imaginations into real experiences and transports her to the ideal and Utopian land of likable characters from different backgrounds.

Through a smart phone, seven different characters are attached to the player of the game, and those seven characters interact via chat, calls and even send emails.

Characters of the game interact to the player on the bases of traits shown and exhibited in front of them while interacting via chat, calls or emails. You start knowing and may end up loving any of the male characters of the game and get the feel of being in love in real life.

The game has 3 story modes listed below:

  1. Casual Story
  2. Deep Story
  3. Another Story

In casual story mode the protagonist will have three routes i.e. Zen, Yoosung and Jaehee. In Deep Story mode there are two character routes available i.e. Jumin Han and 707 whose real name is Saeyoung Choi.

Initially there were only two story modes available for players but few years later game creators launched a 3rd mode called ‘’Another Story’’ that has two routes, V & Ray.

It is worth knowing that the casual story mode is freely accessible but deep story and another story can be accessed by spending certain amount of hourglasses that can be purchased through in-app purchase mechanism.

How to play mystic messenger?

The game i.e. Mystic Messenger starts with the downloading of mobile application apparently for fictional dating experiences. After registering with the game, adding name and profile picture the player finds herself chatting with a mysterious character who’s name is ‘Unknown’.

The very character initially tells that he found the phone with Messenger application somewhere on a subway and he wants to find the owner of the phone. He then requests the player to go to a specific location that is saved on the phone hoping to find the owner of the mobile phone.

The player ends up on the door of an apartment at some location and door has a password protected lock. The ‘Unknown’ then gives the password to the lock and upon entering the apartment, the chat section with the ‘Unknown’ simply just vanishes and the player finds herself among several new characters chatting with one another before they notice the player.

After investigation and confirmation of the player being harmless and not a hacker they then invite the player to join an organization called “Rika’s Fundraising Association” or RFA. The organization used to host parties to raise funds for different causes until the sad and unfortunate demise of its founder RIKA.

Then the player is asked to fill for the role of departed head of RFA i.e. Rika, talk to different guests and try to convince them to come to the party hosted by RFA. The goal is to get as many as possible members to RFA hosted events.

Which Mystic Messenger Character will you fall for?

Hyun Ryu (ZEN)

zen mystic messenger

Hyun Ryu also known as ZEN behaves like a narcissist praising his looks, often posting selfies and bragging about how handsome he is.

Despite that one can find him of loyal and caring nature a bit flirty though that seems okay since we are here to experience the same.

Yoosung Kim

Yoosung Mystic Messenger

A nice, sweet and lovable guy who likes to play his own game called LOLOL. He is a college student but does not study more often.

Jaehee Kang

An independent young business woman with serious nature who is also Jumin Han’s assistant. She is the only female character in casual story mode. She is caring, loving and very hardworking young woman.



707 mystic messenger707 mystic messenger

Saeyoung Choi is a typical guy of happy-go-lucky nature who likes to make fun of everybody around him. He is also called 707 by his fellows. Hacking is his passion and he as well likes to play pranks on others specially yoosung. He might be your naughty guy if you are fond of one. But that is not it, 707 is much more than what is described above.

Saeran Choi (Ray or Unknown)

He is twin brother of Saeyoung Choi (707). His real name is Saeran Choi but he goes by screen name of Unknown but later he changes his name to Ray. He is paranoid, hostile and defensive and does not mingle with others so easily.

Rika mystic messenger

she is a gorgeous, attractive, and beautiful looking woman who is also enjoying the top position in the ranking of a company called Mint Eye Organisation and also is a forerunner of RFA Organisation. It reports that she had killed herself in a suicide attempt, but that suicide attempt has not revealed into the players of the game as there was no eye witness of the incident of her suicide. She was a suitor and also enjoyed her status as fiance of V.

V mystic messengerv mystic messenger

A photographer, Jihyun Kim also known as V is a guy who does not like to poke nose in anyone’s personal business or personal space as we may say. He keeps things to himself. He is not very famous since he does not want people to talk about him.  

Yoosung mystic messenger

He is the most cheerful person, along with Zen. He loves to play a lot of LOL informally.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han

Jumin is a quite, serious and of cautious nature guy. He is heir to C&R International and is often on business trips around the world. He talks about serious topics like work and stuff. He owns a cat i.e. Elizabeth the 3rd who he is very much in love with.

Mystic Messenger walk-through

The atmosphere of unpredictability hovers over the conditions of the settings, and the character ‘s response mostly determines his route. The player’s communication in the chat room with the different styles discovers the roots of the player toward the characters, and the players are mostly are advised not to maximize their physical appearances, which will lead them astray toward other characteristics of matching traits.

The Lost chat rooms can also regain through various conditions of restoring, and rejoining can be made possible, and these conditions can also be purchase through different money matters and continuous onward playing of the game. RFA members are supposed to call various players of matching characteristics. Make the situation lively and lifelike. The designers have designed that multiple mood cheating and calling up the players have been made possible in the game as drunk calls and jokey texts are the order of the day.

These in cups calls and no dangerous type of messages play an important role in making it lifelike. And real experimental games, different mood dependent calls, and also mood dependent signals also play a vital role in its success as a graphic dating app. To make it more interesting, the feature of voice missing has also added to its merits. Its voices are an awesome man like to make it an exciting and joyous app.

Since it’s beginning, the gamer has shown much interest in its playing. In its setting and much have been lauded about Mystic Messenger. Keep the grip of every rank and file of the world. The app has been given support through Korean and English language.

Mystic Messenger Demand and Rewards

In the air has been its fame since its inception as its creator Cheritz gave it a beautiful outlook through its characters and lifelike settings.

With more than 3 million downloads, the game till Dec 30, 2019, ranked as the top 4 video game on Timber Award. Gamer of the year is also a feather in the cap of Cheritz. Even British based The Guardian also gave it an excellent place among its columns due to its fiery increase meant in fan group lists.

200000 $ have also been donated generously by its creator Cheritz to three various charity organizations set up for children and adults alike Lifeline Korea and Korea mating violence Relief center and Save the children.

Skill provision and education imparting to the downtrodden members of various countries, including Asian and African, have been the focus of Cheritz charity proliferation.


Every rank and file of any country can enjoy its mystery ambiguity and entertainment. Meeting with a different type of several 7 characters with different tastes and various physical and mental abilities is to involve introvert personalities and make them creative.

As rightly said that things are not good or bad, but their uses make them good or bad even in the same way this app can make anyone addict to it as it involves unique joy able experiences, so it never hurts if it had used cautiously.

Once a player sets in this game, then he can never part himself away even the parties all the nights will be said adieu by the players and also the lonely nights Will transformed into company nights of various personalities.


What is the Mystic Messenger?

It is a female-oriented dating app which has been designed by Cheritz to make it lifelike and enjoyable for the players of dating age and taste. It has been launched in Korean and English languages and became a love for the payers.

How does Mystic Messenger work?

The game involves 12 days of the players, during which the player reacts to the different means of communication from various modes of personalities. Then after four days, the game is split into routes, and there every direction ends on a love interest, which can bring forth bad, reasonable, and good ending like real love endings.

The first four days involve the instant replying of the messages through ignoring, and the game has selected interest showing the route according to the nature of the player where attention-catching plays a significant role that leads to the success or failure of the dating.

How to play Mystic Messenger?

It involves six characters of playing nature named Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, 707, and V, which bring different layers of the story which slide through the stages of the game and then reaches the ending of the love affair.